Ncell Voice Pack Activation Process

Posted by | August 2, 2016 | Ncell, Nepal

Ncell has introduced new voice pack service through which you will be able to talk as low as 7 paisa per minute. Please check below voice pack service plan and validity.

You can choose Voice Packs as per your need by dialing *17118# or 17118.

PacksPrice including taxesMinutesUsagePer minute price including taxesValidity
Daily PackRs. 1111Can be used to call anytime of the day.Re. 124 hours
Weekly PackRs. 6070Can be used to call anytime of the day.86paisa7 days
Monthly PackRs. 200400Can be used to call anytime of the day.50 paisa30 days
Daily Night PackRs. 8.78120Can be used to call from 10pm – 6am.7paisa24 hours
Daily Day PackRs. 830Can be used to call from 5am – 5pm27paisa24 hours

These Voice Packs can be purchased by all Ncell prepaid customers. You can purchase the Daily and Weekly Voice Packs through vouchers available at your nearest Ncell Centre, Ncell Shop or Ncell authorized POS.

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