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16 years imprisonment for the Rapist Suren

Posted by | August 31, 2016 | Society

Ilam, Bhadra 15, District Court of Ilam has ordered the sentence of 16 years imprisonment for the Rapist named SUREN who was accused for raping the innocent 12 year kid. Accused suren is from sulubung -2.

The Judge Nawaraj Dahal stated that the kid was being molested time and again without her will and being raped. So according to theĀ  Law under forced intercourse article 1, 3 (2) and 2 (Ka), Accused is pleaded GUILTY. Hence the sentence is imposed according to the Section 3(2), which has the provision of eight (8) years imprisonment.

On the same petition , from the hearing, the panel of judges under section 3(ka), added extra 5 years and on accordance to the crime conducted with the kids under Section 2 additional 3 years added to make the sentence to 16 years.

Court has also ordered to Pay the amount of Rs. 75000 as the compensation to the family of the victim.



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