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Additional Feature of Facebook

Posted by | February 12, 2016 | Facebook

Additional Feature of Facebook

A very popular social media site Facebook endorse additional two new button of “Want” and “Collect”. After getting high popularity on “Like” button among the Facebook users, its planning to additional two.

According to source, Facebook would have comparatively less difficulty to endorse “Collect” button. Through the button, the online retailer able to give more and more information about their products to Facebook users.

Users can even like the”Collect” button after login. If Facebook users likes new product, they can click the “Want” button and can also collect the product clicking the “Collect” button.

Especially online retailer can exhibit about the new product to make customer excited to buy. Online retailer can give ad on Facebook, if there is increase in buying and selling.

More than million people use Facebook around the world So it is estimated that this two feature will be an opportunity for those who will able to sell their products.


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