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Dennis Green Card Is Not Permanent Residence Permit “PR”

Posted by | February 3, 2016 | Denmark, Nepal

Dennis Green Card Is Not Permanent Residence Permit "PR"

People who have complete master degree,experience in related field,excellent command in English & not exceed on age bar can apply for PR of Denmark.

Many Consultancy had misleading people on Demark Green Card as American Green Card .And counselling that process of GreenCard for Denmark is like PR.

What is Dennis Green Card?

Dennis Green permanent residence permit in Denmark (PR) is not. But in Denmark, can been living in temporary work and earn a legal way of search. The appropriate period can be add by completing the specified criteria on prescribed period. After living in the six years to meet those standards regular policy specified for permanent settlement only if they follow other bullets PR application can be involved.But Policy and standards are so not easy.

Green Card holder getting employee , earning fixed-income would be able to receive bring the family. A family living in the same address and the family apartment settlement should be set for himself.

Based on getting Dennis Green

One can apply for “PR” only after getting good remark on Educational qualifications, work experience bereavement,age and living in a European country legally, study or employment.Dennis “Agency for Labour Market & Recruitment”do research on the (and related qualifications and experience were essential to provide related certificates, including agencies in the contact) and then only shall take a decision over the application.The application submitted by recovering from a six-month temporary visa for diverting the first Danish entry (visa type D) is obtained. The time period for Denmark by entering the tabernacle to stick to organize themselves. It is the most difficult for a home or an apartment to stay in Denmark is supposed to work. Including an address within the municipality where they reside in Denmark filed himself a two-year ‘C type residence permit “is obtained.

Dennis Green Extention
Some time before the expiration of a two-year period of residence permits can be renewed if you want to extend living. Denmark entered the first year, but with a minimum of musch much money should submit an application to the front and the renewal of the annual minimum income amount should be the last one that is fixed. First, whether it is not easy to work in Denmark, etc, even if fixed minimum annual amount equivalent to a full-employment income, usually just not sufficient. Green Card Holder also met in Denmark would have to work more than one employer and then gets to earn.

PR potentiality

According to new provision for “PR” ,the possibility of getting PR is only after obtain fixed percentage annual minimum earnings, including all eligibility.

It is important to realize that Dennis Green is way of getting and hiring qualified manpower for development.

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