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Five Things To Be Considered Before Accepting A Job Offer

Posted by | January 25, 2016 | Nepal

Five Things To Be Considered Before Accepting A Job Offer

Just suppose that you heard the mind blowing news, “Congratulation ! we would like you to join in our company.” You start screaming, jumping up and down due to happiness. At the point, as soon as possible employer wants you to commit, sign the offered letter and put stop for the search.

If you take an offer as being non-negotiable and just sign it with care free without any reviews and clarification, this may set you to troublesome path.

Basically, an offer letter consist of basic terms for an employment: positions, starting date, vacation time, compensation, retirement plan etc. plus other disability or death benefits with life insurance and medical benefits including how much will be contributed on health insurance by the employer.

It may seem simple as well as straight forward, having nothing to be discussed but Todd Bennett, Cambridge , Mass., law firm partner, Bennett & Belfort, P.C., cautions “the devil is in the details.” Well experienced in challenging issues of business and employment law, Bennett suggests about the five things you should keep in mind before signing employment offer.

Understand What Is Negotiable

Depending on your particular and company situation, your starting date, compensation, vacation may be negotiable. You may be able to obtain free subsidized parking worth $20 to $50 per day, if you are working in big city.

Make Sure That Everything Is Spelled Out Clearly

Pretending your employment, if you have been verbally promised something than make sure that it is included in an offer letter. If not than as a result what you believe you have been promised may not materialize.

Make Sure You Have All The Relevant Information

According to Bennett you should review all the documents before signing, such as benefits program, an employee manually, etc,. that are referred to in an offer letter.

Verbal Compensation Should Be Payed A Particular Attention

When especially you are in sale or considered as key employee than some part of annual compensation may derive from non-salary sources such as profit sharing, bonus, compensation etc. It is important to flash all out clearly so that no an unambiguous understanding exists of how any of the items are calculated, when they remains due and what event or events trigger them. Bennett cautions that it can lead to misunderstanding or the company may deny parts of the deal, unless all this things is spelled out in an offer letter. Therefore, when all your expectation don’t met than all that great feelings that you have had at the beginning can all easily get dissolved.

It Is Worth To Consult An Attorney Before Accepting An Offer

As the employment law differs from state to state, some state favors employer and some state favors employee rights. Relatively little legal time is required for hiring a local attorney to review an offer letter.

Restrictive non-compete or non-solicitation elements of an employment offer which can be enforceable in many states and restrict your behavior can be helped by the attorney to get evaluated. Then after he/she can advise you how things can be discussed to make in your part of benefit.

Lastly, you are off to a great start if you begin a relationship with the crystal clear communication.



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