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Foreign Employment Is Becoming Spoiled

Posted by | March 25, 2016 | Nepal

Foreign Employment Is Becoming Spoiled

Foreign Employment Has Begun to show sign of spoil. From eight month of the current fiscal year shows 45% decrements in people going for foreign employment. Compares to last data with 19.70% seen decrements this year. Though their is unseen of decrease in remittance this year will be seen next year.

The number of people migrating for foreign employment form last eight month shows decrease in number. Government has put up any plans though seen decrease in numbers from the month of March to July. Government is taking any initiative to create the opportunity in internal market and even not seeking the new destination point for employment.

According to experts, the problem considerably more able to thrive if government avoid to search for the new destination point and also lose the old one and not increase the domestic market.

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