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Government New Policy For Foreign Employment

Posted by | May 10, 2016 | Nepal

Government New Policy For Foreign Employment

The government has announced its new policy and program. Government new policy and program is to decrease the number of Nepali foreign employment through a variety of programs.

The government’s policies and programs stated to opened the labor office to make foreign employment more organized, dignified. The government to open labor office on each province in the next fiscal year.

In the program, it mentioned each year, 50 thousand youth employment and self-employment programs to make more effective. Youth employment programs, agriculture and small and cottage industries Pocket Area Development Program in coordination with the next fiscal year young enterprises program start as model.

Development of construction projects that use remittance, to increase skilled manpower, working abroad and returning youth and skill tests and certificates for returnees internal labor market policies and programs affiliated with the program is mentioned on the program.



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