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How to prepare for gulf job interview

Posted by | January 17, 2016 | Nepal

Interview is a phase of processing in getting job.Every employees should go through this phase for entering to new job whether it is in within the country or foreign countries.   In all interviews,you will commonly asked the question for either you are capable for the position for the post or not. For the interview you need to be polite,well dressed  up ,bring resume and most important you will be on time.

1)Under Stand the Job description

It is very essential you to under stand job description and would help to face the questions of recruiter.Understanding the job description  make you prepare for the job.Also helps to make whether you are suitable for the job or not. You might ask for Job description,if some position doesn’t have  job description.

2)Know the Company

Before you went for the interview,you need to know the company well.You should know about the company history,recent developments,kind of work they do,what kind of candidates they looking for.All these help you to well prepare for the job interview.To know you can search on internet or companies website.And also consult the friends who already work on these companies.

3)Review your resume

Never manipulate your resume. Generally interviewer could ask to explain you about your resume.Make sure you should explain everything written on your resume.Never miss to highlights of your skills,knowledge  and experiences.It is key to know about you.

4)Know your interviewer

Well known of interviewer will let you know the nature of interviewer which almost leads you to approximate of the question he/she going to ask about.

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