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Labor Crisis to go to Malaysia in Free Visa

Posted by | February 4, 2016 | Malaysia, Nepal

Labor Crisis to go to Malaysia in Free Visa

Before a  year, Malaysia used to be one of the peoples destination to go for foreign employment opportunity. Due to similarity in weather condition  of Nepal and Malaysia and the attractive income comparison to other gulf countries, people used to go in Malaysia expending 1 lakh to 1 lakh 50 thousand.

But now the condition is different. About 12 thousand demand from Malaysia has been stored in manpower of Kathmandu. People who used to go on payment to Malaysia before, disagree to go now even  in free visa.

Due to the decision of Free Visa and Free Ticket, the demand for Nepalese worker from Malaysia has been in decreasing ration, at the same time it is too hard to get fulfill the number  of demanded worker  to go to Malaysia for employment opportunity says Bimal Dhakal , the director of Nepal Association Of Foreign Employment Agencies.

Its been headache for manpower as there ration of people willing to go to Malaysia for foreign employment has been decreased.

“There are thousands of demand from Malaysia but worker are not willing to go”, the vice-chairman of Association Kumud Khanal said-“There are many reasons behind it, but the workers has not shown the willing to go.”

Even he became unable to send even 70 demanded workers from his company he said.

Misconception of insecurity the main reason- Agents

According to agent, the random flow of insecurity messages through the social media is the root cause of labor crisis. The unreality accident forecast in social media, has brought up the problem says agents.

Every people are engaged with social media. In Facebook and twitter people seemed posting horrifying pictures of attack and murdering in Vietnam and Cambodia in the name of Malaysia. According to Khanal, due to reach of such fake posts in social media, the misconception of insecurity in Malaysia got spread.

He has decided to make strick rules making it the proof to punish people staying in Malaysia and spreading such fake messages.

In the meeting of Malaysia wagons of seeing workers with the manpower ministry of Nepal, has decided to issue as “Cyber Crime” against those who spread fake information.

Similarly, another reason behind labor crisis to fulfill the demand of workers for Malaysia is that the manpower agent themselves seen suggesting people not to go Malaysia for employment.

Effects of Currency Devaluation

Misconception of insecurity is not only the reason of labor crisis to go to Malaysia says critics.

The economic crisis seen in Malaysia leading towards value decrease in currency, is also one of the reason behind.

Before the value of Malaysian currency was 32 rupees. However, from the few months valued decreased in 24 rupees.

Now after some effort, value got brought around 26 rupees. According to the department of Foreign Employment worker has refused Malaysia due to the fear of slow currency depreciation in salary lawmakers.

Decline In Nepalese Workers Ratio To Go Malaysia

The ratio of worker going to Qatar and Saudi has increased due to economic crisis in Malaysia. From last few months, Nepali workers going to Malaysia for employment has  decreased almost 3 times.

Before some years workers first priority destination for employment used to be Malaysia but now it is 3rd choice of workers.

Qatar now maintained its level in first destination priority from the month of Shrawan and Mangsir with its ability that shifted 54 thousand 1 hundred Nepalese worker for job opportunity and Saudi Arabia possessed 2nd destination priority with its ability to shift 53 thousand 7 hundred Nepalese worker for the same.

Whereas, before in Malaysia used to shift 20 thousand Nepalese workers per month but now it declined into 6 thousand per month. Last year in the same month (shrawan to mangsir), 1 lakh 6 hundred people went to Malaysia for job opportunity but this year in same month it remained within 31 thousand 2 hundred workers.

From the relevant month this year, the declining started and going on and on.

Emphasis on Labor Agreement

Now it has been necessary to give message to the people that Malaysia is officially protected from all sorts, by the agreement of labor employment said manpower agencies.

There demand is – agreement should be made in such way that skilled workers heads towards Malaysia. Though the labor agreement with Malaysia is in process from long, its still stranded.

The reason behind getting problem unsolved is, Malaysia points that “Nepal is ignoring” and Nepal points on Malaysia claiming government of Malaysia is delaying for the conclusion.

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