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Malaysia increase levy for foreign workers for 4 times

Posted by | February 4, 2016 | Nepal

Malaysia increase levy for foreign workers for 4 times

More big financial burden has been added to Nepalese working in Malaysia. The government of Malaysia raise the foreign worker hike levy hike for 4 times amount due to which more burden should be faced by Nepalese workers there.

Earlier, employees of various sectors in Malaysia was appointed with separate reverse. But now the government of Malaysia has decided to divided into two groups for levy division for workers.

Now, division will be made according to industrial sector and agricultural sector. According to which industry, business and professional workers working in the field should submit about rupees 66 thousand 25 hundred to the Malaysian government.

Before that almost 33 thousand rupees  pay to  that levy taxes  to construction and manufacturing pay 25 hundred thousand rupees to workers.

Similarly,  the restaurant cook, sanitation workers were paying 1850 ringeta reverse but now 25 hundred ringeta should be paid.

In Malaysia, there are 21 lakh 35 thousand foreign workers employed. Manpower also are not satisfied seeing that even there is free visa and free ticket of Malaysia  people don’t  want to go there. After increase levy Nepali workers in Malaysia are in decreasing ratio day by day.

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