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Nepal is World’s Second in ‘Slow’ Internet

Posted by | March 9, 2016 | Nepal

Nepal is World's Second in 'Slow' Internet

Nepal rank in second position in world’s slow internet. Around 22 years ago, Nepal added with global through internet. There are almost dozen of  internet provider company but provide service by few companies.

Recipient are complaining for  slow internet.  In load shedding, internet is worst . World Link, Broad link, Web Surfer, Via Net are some internet provider in Nepal. When we talk about customer complaint to the internet provider, they claimed to have no problem in speed. They provide according to the demand of customer and problem accure only when there is technical issue.

Internet is even bad or can say worst in the evening. There are lack of intuitive way to use of internet. With use of fiber optics, internet are providing as user are demanding claimed by providers.

Internet are sharing from the same line given to one customer said by one of the employee worked on internet provider company. He grab the attention of all people to be consider on this topic.

The FIR registered to take an action on those companies. The prepartion for police raid on internet provider company is doing to get and reason for the problem.



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