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Nepalese workers deprived from facilities due to no labor agreement

Posted by | February 14, 2016 | Nepal

Nepalese workers deprived from facilities due to lack of labor agreement

Nepalese workers are deprived from facilities due to not done Labor Agreement by the Government. Due to no labor agreement by the government, workers working in different countries are deprived from getting even minimum salary. In case of expenses, legal services, basic rights of human have been brenched. Unless the labor agreement, from the both the countries of employment will not be responsible for any.

Till the date, the government has allowed workers to migrate for foreign employment to one hundred and nine countries in the world. Around 40 lakhs Nepalese workers are employed in abroad after agreement by the government. Though one hundred nine countries are in agreement for foreign employment opportunity by the government, only with 6 countries labor agreement has been done. Others, the date of agreement has expired. Yet, renovation has not been done.

According to Ministry of Labor and Employment, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Israel, Japan and South Korea, are the only countries the agreement has been done. Malaysia, the country with the largest number of Nepalese worker, even has not been done the labor agreement. Behind the dissatisfaction of Nepalese Workers working in Malaysia, is lack of labor agreement. The contract done before migrating abroad for employment are not even been followed.


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