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Nepalese Youth In Australia

Posted by | February 9, 2016 | australia, Nepal

Nepalese Youth In Australia

Australia, youths destination for the foreign study. From the last few decades, huge number of Nepalese youth found migrating to foreign country to pursue their goal.

Countries like United State Of America(USA) , United Kingdom(UK), Germany, Japan and Australia are Nepalese youths choice for abroad study and for so called bright future. Where as, Australia is found in top all of them. There are numbers of consultancy opened in Nepal for guiding students to achieve their dream of abroad study. According to records, more than 15,ooo youths migrate to foreign land (Australia), with outflow of huge sum of amount (more than 15000 million) annually.

Comparatively, the cost for students for migration and studying in Australia is found very high. Nepali Bank and some other funding sources support these students during their migration period. After students successfully migrate, their first source of funding is their parents and other , students are engaged in doing part time job for their smooth survival. Considering, some students are provided with the scholarship as well for their study.

Where as, students are not interested in education loan due to collateral provision, high interest rate for loan and complex documentation provision by the bank. This is the reason behind, students though willing to go for further abroad study are unable to go. Here, the problem can get shot out if done collaboration with the government/educational institutions like practiced in other countries.

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