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Rest in Peace Khem Raj Gurung, May your Soul Rest in Peace

Posted by | August 25, 2016 | Celebrities

Khem Raj Gurung was a famous musician and singer of Nepali music industry. His many songs such as ” Wari Jamuna Pari Jamuna” and “Bhanchan Budapake” were the biggest chartbusters of their release year. He was known for singing traditional and cultural songs having moral values. He was one of the top singers during the decade of 1990s and 2000s.



Today on the date 25th August around 6 PM, Mr. Gurung left us and he is no more. He was fighting a battle against the lung disease. The hospital in Chahabil, ” Medicare” reported him Dead. He was under Intensive Care Unit for last 11 days and was having the treatment. with light progress , his status deteriorated.

His Nephew Ratna Gurung was in attendance while his Mother and Sister is not present for they are currently inhabited in United Kingdom. It has been confirmed that the dead body shall be burnt as per the ritual after his parents arrive the city.

His parents has already been informed about his death. The news of his demise has devastated his friends and families and undoubtedly his millions of Fans who grew up listening to his ever green Master piece ” Wari jamuna, Pari Jamuna “.

His body shall be preserved in the Maharajgunj Teaching Hospital till his Sister and Mother arrive.  Gurung has given us the memories of life time  the available gift from him are :

01. Chautari ko Cheuma

02. Bhanchan Buda Pakhale


03. Dharanai Bajar


04. Khola ko Chiso Pani

05. Sirai Mathi


Today a star has fallen, to be born. We miss you Khem Raj Gurung. Rest in Peace.


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