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Things To Know About By Those Who Wish To Go Abroad

Posted by | March 27, 2016 | Nepal

Things To Know About By Those Who Wish To Go Abroad

Almost 1 thousand 15 hundred people went abroad for employment. They didnot notice the things before and after of going to abroad. Therefore, several young people have reached vulnerable.

The important things to know before going to abroad.

1. Age and Details 

18 years of employment is conditional upon the fulfillment of the process should be adopted. False statement or document should not be submitted.

2. Institutional Initiatives

Only business with those institutions who had got the permission of Foreign Employment. As for those who wish to go abroad individual should receive approval from the Department of Foreign Employment not with institutions/ Agencies.

3. Necessary To Protect Evidence

The receipt getting after payment amount for Foreign employment should be protected. Should be test whether there is agencies stamp or not in the receipt.

Passport, visa, work permit, contract paper, trainings certificates, the receipt of amount submitted , insurance, healthcare, etc securely on the photocopy of the document had people in the family home, or to leave a reliable guardian.

4. Training and Safety

No skill training for work in foreign countries were required to be taken such training and orientation training must acquire a recognized body. Deposit money in Foreign employment insurance and welfare fund.

5. Adopted the preparation 

It is illegal to work or live abroad without renewal of the formal deadline of foreign employment


A premature return from abroad if necessary for any reason, the Department of Foreign Employment Agency, and send the information back from that soul shall be within 15 days.

7. Foreign Contacts and Coordination

According to the rules for employment of foreign embassies in the country of Nepal, or agencies or designated by the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management he/she should be information & maintain contact with the relevant institutions.

8. Without the approval of the Foreign Employment Department of Labor does not go for foreign employment.

9. Appropriate training should be taken before going to abroad, detais information about work and compensation must be know.

10. Health testing, life insurance, accident insurance is mandatory before to go abroad for work.

Source: Department of Foreign Employment

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