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Things to be known before you work in Dubai

Posted by | January 17, 2016 | Dubai, UAE

Things to be known before you work in Dubai

Working in Dubai can be lucrative with high wages and low taxes . How ever, it is still important to bear in mind that Dubai is an Arab city, situated within a Muslim country. With both tradition and law held in high regard, it is important for anyone starting an aboard new job in Dubai to exactly know what they are forwarding to and what will be expected from them.

So here if you are making your mind up for the abroad job in United Arab Emirates in near future, then here are the five things you need to know;

Existence Of Conservative Clothing System 

As considered very liberal when clothing concept compared to other places in the Middle East, Dubai still holds conservative dress codes. For women, the stomach, shoulders and back should completely be covered in public. Therefore, transparent, low cut or shorts should be left to the home behind.

Men must cover their chest and pants should be out of sight. They can relax on the beach side only with the relative costume and at swimming pools owned by the hotels. Where as the topless sunbathing is a big “no” in any location.

Illegal Consideration To The Premarital Relations

Particularly crime rates are low in Dubai as the laws are really very strict and there are severe punishments for the people who break them. One of these law is applied to the sex out of marriage which are applied to the every visitors and expats from other country as well.

Though, you have been living with your partners with decades, once you work in Dubai you can not legally live together, not even in hotels. So not to take any risk in this regards as by the law you can be jailed and after deported from the country.

Public Displays Of Affection Are Rarely Tolerated

Generally, if you are married only then holding hands are OK but then publicly kissing and hugging is not accepted. Dancing in public is deemed to be provocative but the rules are slightly different for this regards as it is allowed in the privacy of your own home or at licensed clubs. Randomly speak to a women, take photos of women without permission, be sexual or harassing in nature towards them is deeply frowned upon for men.

Must Accept Islamic Values

Muslims prays five times a day. People will be called up by the Mosques through their speaker system. So this time, you should not create any kind of disturbance during prays.

Drinking, smoking, dancing and playing loud music during the daylight hours are strictly prohibited during Ramadan. Even for non-Muslims, breaking observations like nail biting, picking nose, fingering etc can result in heavy punishments.

Though every other religions are respected in Dubai, no one should disrespect religious beliefs they follow. If any then should face with the heavy fine or imprisonment.

Inebriation and Consumption Of Alcohol Is Illegal In Public 

This means the public consumption and getting full tanked in public is considered illegal. For non-Muslims, it is considered to be legal to enjoy alcohol in licensed premises as long as they have their own liquor licences to drink. The non-Muslim residents must hold a liquor licence even in order to drink alcohol at home. Hence, only those issued licence are valid in Emirates which you applied for it.

If You Imbibe. You’ll be capable to shop for and consume alcoholic liquids inside certified inns and golf equipment, but take into account that would not trade the legality beyond the doors. It’s far strongly counseled that if you are leaving the premises, you get instantly into a taxi and do now not wander around the area.

In Dubai criminal ingesting age is 21, but this isn’t regular at some stage in the Emirates. For instance, the felony age to drink alcohol is eighteen in Abu Dhabi ( although a via-regulation allows motels to serve alcohol simplest to the ones over 21). In Sharjah, drinking is totally unlawful and it’s also really worth bringing up that passengers in transit via the U.A.E. Under the affect of alcohol can be arrested.

Curiously sufficient, the sector health organisation has lately found that drinkers within the U.A.E. are consuming nearly two times the worldwide common in alcohol according to 12 months, beating the United Kingdom, eire, america, and Australia.






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