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Things To Remember Before Going To Saudi For Labour

Posted by | March 1, 2016 | Nepal, Saudi

Things To Remember Before Going To Saudi For Labour

Saudi Arabia is one of destination for Nepalese worker. Around 1 million Nepalese worker went Saudi for labour.The main problem facing Nepalese worker in abroad are facilities are not behalf of them or can say not what they dream about. There are some important things to remember before going to Saudi or other gulf countries for labour.

Things to remember:-

Employer Profile of the company, Basis of Facilities they give, After getting visa from company confirmed it from the government whether the company is recognized or not. Without this information, one can get pain from Saudi.

And also can get information about company from relatives out their. For what purpose one is going is subject to be attention. There is increasing trend to set worker another job for which they are not apply to.

Its evenĀ  better to get informed about the company from the relatives.


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