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Tips to write a great cover letter

Posted by | January 24, 2016 | Nepal

Tips to write a great cover letter

Positively, a cover letter leads a job-seeker stand out from the sack. Negatively, it can lead a promising candidate towards creativity low showcase. Unfortunately, the high majority of cover letter seems the same.

Though, the internet is full of tips of writing a cover letter some of them can give you useful tips other than obvious. So here, I got some useful tips that has been served me over the years and you actually got to go through it once.

Disconnect Your letter With Repeat Of Your Resume 

We can find people’s cover letter as the  paragraph of resume. Instead use your cover letter as to show your interest, curiosity for the job and add some real historical facts about the field or company you are applying for.

Keep Things Short

Don’t go with lengthy exposure instead with something important.

Avoid Mentioning

If you got confused or have no idea whom to mention ( Dear Managing Director ) than just skip and jump to the body of the letter.

Send A Letter As A PDF

Everybody can open a PDF file without any conversion as not every office computer can read .docx or a.pages files. Insisting you this has got two reasons behind. Firstly, they are not likely to bother and move towards the next applicants. Secondly, it lacks introduction of errors.

Don’t Ever Use These Phrases

“I am ……. , and applying for the position as…….. “. It sounds inexperienced as they already know this.




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