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UAE Banned Manpower Who Supply Worker Through Visa Business

Posted by | May 13, 2016 | Nepal, UAE

UAE Banned Manpower Who Supply Worker Through Visa Business

Baishakh 30, Kathmandu. UAE banned those manpower who supply workers through visa business. 

The report of UAE’s Ministry of  Human Resource of Worker’s right state that none of the worker should pay to come UAE. The worker one should also aware on this matter. If any recuitment company unfollowed the rule, the permission for those oranization will be banned by the UAE goverment.

In the report, there is not mentioned the banned manpower informations. Labour Resource Ministry Sakyura Gobasale said ” Immigrant worker working to contribute the development of nation, labour rights and to gurantee their safety is the responsibility of the UAE government. The UAE government has made in favor of the welfare of workers  the company rejected the criteria are allowed to dismiss.

Since the memorandum of association for workers in soiled between brokers, the workers are deprived from the facilities provided by UAE government. Workers are charging high amount to come UAE, despite all the expenses are accured by the companies. Similarly, the manpower companies pursue high charges for demand of high salary post.



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