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World’s Best & Worst Passport

Posted by | March 29, 2016 | Nepal

World's Best & Worst Passport

Visa Restriction Index for 2016 has been issued. Henlay & Partners issued the index in which country with more freedom for visiting country is excellent and vice-versa.

The first number in index is Germany which has excess in 177 countries out of 218 countries. This index prepared evaluating 199 countries passport. Nepal have reached in 38 positions which has freedom to visit 37 countries.

According to index, on the basis of excess in many countries the excellent passport of countries are ranked below:

1.Germany: 177 Country

2. Swiden: 176 Country

3.Finland, France, Italy, Spain and belayatah: 175 Country

4.Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and marked the States of America: 174 Country

5. Austrlia, Japan and singapur :173 Country

On the basis of excess in few countries, worst passport of the countries are ranked below:
1. Afghanistan: 25 Countries

2.Pakistana: 29 Countries

3. Iraq: 30 countries

4. Somalia: 31 Country

5. Syria: 32 Country

Details can see from here.


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