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The World’s High Salary Paid Countries

Posted by | April 8, 2016 | Nepal

The World's High Salary Paid Countries

Its hard to find out who was getting high salary for thier hard work and high salary paid nation in the world. But a study has made it easier to answer which shows Australia is highest salary paid nation.

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) publish the 27 country’s minimum wage reports. The report issued in 2015, based on the data in 2013. According to published reports in Australia has been giving minimum wages per hour, 9 .54 US Dollar except including tax. The second number is Lakjembarga which has been giving  9 24. US dollar except including taxes. Belgium has in the third number. Where the minimum wage is US $ 8.50.

These Are The World’s High Salary Paid Countries:

1. Australia
2. Luxembourg
3. Belgium
4. Ireland
5. France
6. Netherlands
7. New zealand
8. Germany
9. Canada
10. U.K.


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